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December 31, 2012
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[DL] FlutterMedic by CobbaltCO [DL] FlutterMedic by CobbaltCO

Comments disabled again because you can't understand that i won't fix the model


Comments disabled because i said I WON'T FIX THIS...I DON'T HAVE A WHY, AND YOU AREN'T ONE
Don't waste your valious time here...

Voice pack…

*File updated*


~Kassgrein for the pony head
Body from:


If you want you model on your garrysmod
Copy the "Fluttermedic_Gmod" into addons and copy the materials folder from "tf" folder into the "Fluttermedic_Gmod"

If you want you model into tf just copy the tf folder content into your tf2 folder

Why? materials folder have a big size, and why you should download a big size files when you just can copy a folder...


Extract it

Copy the Fluttermedic_Gmod into your addons folder
2) Fluttermedic_Gmod

Go to tf folder and copy the materials folder

Paste it into Fluttermedic_Gmod

And done, you wont have any issue

I wont release the source files because i just merge those things on a single model, so if you want hex it, you must decompile it and fix it by yourself

I won't create gibs from the fluttershy model :iconfluttershyshyplz:
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Piantissimo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
All he did was attach a horrible looking head and garish wings onto the fem-medic mod. I think he shortened the feet too. It's really not that big of a deal guys. Any dipshit could do it.
The question is 'why?' It looks ugly as sin. All these pony mods do.
CobbaltCO Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, you must feel so proud of yourself pointing this shit up...<sarcastic clap>You're a great guy<sarcastic clap>
Piantissimo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
I take no pleasure in pointing out the obvious, but nobody seems to be addressing it.
CobbaltCO Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
everyone does, but the problem it's not the criticism, it's the way that do you think that you're better than me because you can point stuff that's obvious
Who the fuck care how i did the model if just was to give something to the community, you'll make this a better place?

That's not how works, your paintings are dipshit, flat, unshaded, simple vectors, seems to be drawed by a 13yo, but I don't care, you did the paints with the intention of share and show your talent, and it's good, I apreaciate it, and i'll take your effort as sign of your good faith

So don't be a shit thinking that this kind of stuff it's easy to do and I'm lazy, modeling and compiling for source it's not a drag and drop like did you imagined, took several days to build everything to make this work...But nobody gave a fuck because fluttershy face were merped
Piantissimo Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
I'm sorry, what? I don't understand what point you're trying to make. Personally I love feedback.
With your hyperbole-steeped ad hominem statement alone I have gathered that I need to work on shading and depth in my works, and you don't know what a vector is.

Also my experience with developing models from nothing more than concept art has taught me that it is a much simpler process than you are describing. If you spent more than three days on this, your work ethic leaves much to be desired.

The core issue here is that the idea is flawed in its inception. The horse head models were terrible to begin with, and anyone with even a cursory familiarity with models could have told you this would look disjointed and jarring before you began this supposedly labor intensive endeavor. So circling back to my original question, what point are you trying to make?
CobbaltCO Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stop with the bullshit, if you before used one kassgrein's model, you would know how does they look
My first idea was creating a model using the kassgrein base because...These works and wouldn't look that different that other models, right?
There's a big difference between modelling, and make something for a game...You can just use say "Fuck this shit, i'm gonna make this like this because reasons"...I have a simple philosophy...If this works and it's simple i'm okay.
That's why i used the kassgrein model and the femmedic...But of course, you know how a model works, just drag a drop and pressing the model for make this works like a medic...

When you decompile a model, you get shits...When you rig a model, you get more shits, and when you commit a little mistake and you can't find where the mistake it's...You get a fucking derped mouth...
Oh yeah...I'm so stupid, the hyperbole-fucking shit says that i don't have idea what's a vector it's

Well, listen kid, the basic idea that do you know about a vector it's "a graphic generated by points that composite a shape", that's not even the base of what a vector it's...

But you know, you're the expert on source, you've compiled each hand model and animate it for the weapons and tried to give something to the community, so you can be the right guy that would give a good constructive critic...Don't worry, i'm sarcasting because your horrible 20 minutes stuff blamed won't matter nothing against how hard was this for me
Ninetendo Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
i can't see the hands. any recommendations.
ThatGuyWithTheTShirt Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist
I like it, it's needs to be about 20 less human like.
fusionguybrony Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Magic r Twilight,
AlexMercerMercenary Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
i want to ask can i remove the "hooves" so i can have only the player model without remplacing the hands of the medic while playing as him
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